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David BeckhamBeckham's fame extends beyond the pitch; in much of the world his name is "as instantly recognisable as that of multinational companies like Coca-Cola and IBM."


Beckham's relationship and marriage to Victoria, who has been famous in her own right as part of the musical group Spice Girls, contributed to David's celebrity beyond football.

Beckham became known as a fashion plate, and together with Victoria, the couple became lucrative spokespeople sought after by clothing designers, health and fitness specialists, fashion magazines, perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, hair stylists, exercise promoters, and spa and recreation companies.  One recent example is a new line of aftershave and fragrances called David Beckham Instinct.  In 2002 Beckham was hailed as the ultimate "metrosexual" by the man who invented the term and has been described as such by numerous other articles since.  The Beckhams were reportedly paid $13.7 million in 2007 to launch his fragrance line in the US.  In the world of fashion, David has already appeared on the covers of many magazines.  U.S.  covers have included the men's magazine Details, and with his wife for the August 2007 issue of W.  According to Google, "David Beckham" was searched for more than any other sports topic on their site in 2003 and 2004.  The search engine Ask Jeeves named Beckham in December 2009 as the third most online searched person in the last decade.  The findings are based on online activity by British users of the search engine.

Upon their arrival in Los Angeles on 12 July 2007, the night before Beckham's formal introduction, Los Angeles International Airport was filled with paparazzi and news reporters.  On the next night, Victoria appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about the their move to LA, and presented Leno with a number 23 Galaxy jersey with his own name on the back.  Victoria also talked about her NBC TV show "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America" On 22 July, a private welcoming party was held for the couple at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.  A-list celebrities attending included Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.

Beckham's many endorsement deals make him one of the most recognisable athletes throughout the world.  On 31 December 2008, it was announced that Pepsi Co.  was ending its endorsement deal with the player after a 10-year collaboration.  Beckham has several eponymous video games, including Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island, a platform game for the Game Boy Advance, and David Beckham Soccer, a football game for the Xbox.  Beckham visited Afghanistan in May 2010 for a morale-boosting visit to British troops fighting the Taliban insurgency.  The appearance of Beckham as well as British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Defence Secretary Liam Fox was believed to have prompted a Taliban attack on Kandahar airfield.

Beckham has supported UNICEF since his days at Manchester United and in January 2005, the English national team captain became a Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF's Sports for Development program.  More recently Beckham has pledged his support for the current Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign.

On 17 January 2007, Rebecca Johnstone, a 19-year-old cancer patient from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, received a surprise phone call from Beckham.  After the conversation, he sent her a Real Madrid jersey with his signature on it.  Rebecca died on 29 January 2007.

Beckham is a spokesman for Malaria No More, a New York City-based non-profit launched in 2006.  Malaria No More's mission is to end deaths caused by malaria in Africa.  Beckham appears in a 2007 public service announcement advertising the need for inexpensive bed nets.  The TV spot currently airs in the U.S.  on Fox Networks, including Fox Soccer Channel, and can also be seen on YouTube.

Since joining Major League Soccer, Beckham has been a very public advocate in the U.S.  for related charities such as "MLS W.O.R.K.S." On 17 August 2007, he conducted a youth clinic in Harlem, along with other current and former MLS players.  This was in advance of his first New York City area match the following day against the New York Red Bulls.  That team's Jozy Altidore and Juan Pablo Ángel were also with Beckham, teaching skills to disadvantaged youth to benefit FC Harlem Lions.

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