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Japan AirlinesJapan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL), is an airline headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.


It is the flag carrier of Japan and its main hubs are Tokyo's Narita International Airport and Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), as well as Nagoya's Chubu Centrair International Airport and Osaka's Kansai International Airport. The airline and four of its subsidiaries (J-Air, JAL Express, JALways, and Japan Transocean Air) are members of the Oneworld airline alliance.

JAL group companies include Japan Airlines for international and domestic services; JALways for international leisure services; JAL Express for international and domestic low-cost services; Hokkaido Air System, J-Air, Japan Air Commuter, Japan Transocean Air and Ryukyu Air Commuter for domestic feeder services; and JAL Cargo for cargo and mail services. JAL group operations include scheduled and non-scheduled international and domestic passenger and cargo services to 220 destinations in 35 countries worldwide, including codeshares. The group has a fleet of 279 aircraft. In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2009, the airline group carried over 52 million passengers and over 1.1 million tons of cargo and mail.

JAL was established in 1951 and became the national airline of Japan in 1953. After over three decades of service and expansion, the airline was fully privatized in 1987. In 2002, the airline merged with Japan Air System, Japan's third-largest airline and became the sixth largest airline in the world by passengers carried. Japan Airlines is currently an official sponsor of Japan Football Association and Japan national football team.

Japan Airlines operates 121 passenger planes with a mixture of narrow- and wide-body aircraft. The airline operates with three classes of service (First, class J and Economy); two classes of service (class J and Economy); and one class of service (Economy) domestically within Japan. Internationally, it operates with four classes of service (First, Executive, Premium Economy and Economy); two varieties of three classes of service (First, Executive and Economy) or (Executive, Premium Economy and Economy); and two classes of service (Executive and Economy).

The Boeing customer code for Japan Airlines is 7x7-x46 for JAL International (pre-merger JAL aircraft) (i.e. 777-246) and 7x7-x89 for JAL Domestic (former JAS aircraft). (i.e. 747-489) The airline is one of the few in the world to operate 10-abreast seating in the Economy cabin of the Boeing 777 fleet, the other airlines include ANA, Air France, China Southern, Emirates and KLM. JAL and ANA operate the 10-abreast seating in their Japan domestic fleet only.

On 22 December 2004, JAL announced the selection of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner as its next generation medium-size aircraft fleet. The airline is seeking 30 firm deliveries and 20 options; and joined other launch customers to be involved in the aircraft's future development. The airline later increased the firm order to 35 aircraft on 3 April 2007. Japan Airlines received the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft from Boeing on 25 March 2012.

On 30 June 2005, the airline confirmed an order for six new Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, powered by General Electric CF6-80C2 high-bypass turbofan engines. The three freighter and three passenger models, valued at approximately US$800 million at list prices, were delivered between 2007 and 2008.

On 22 February 2008, it was reported that the airline has been considering the new Airbus A350 made by EADS unit Airbus, the Boeing 787's direct competitor in the medium-size aircraft market. Japan Airlines spokesman Stephen Pearlman said: "We have taken a look at the A350. As far as adding this aircraft to our fleet in future goes, I think it is one of the strong candidates."

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