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Damon Salvatore

Events in The Fury and Dark Reunion( also named 'The Reunion')show that Damon is also capable of fierce loyalty and affection, though he is often misunderstood, which Elena sees.


In The Struggle, he calls himself Damon Smith, attending college on a vacation. Back in the day at Renaissance Italy, where the brothers come from, he dropped out of university.

He shows feelings towards Elena and Emily both, though Bonnie receives less attention. His 'goodness' is always in question—he is always the one that everyone suspects of doing something, such as feeding on locals. This only gets worse when a demon named Shinichi arrives in Fells Church. In The Fury, Katherine offers to let Damon live, for him to reign the shadows, which both Elena and Stefan thought that he would accept, and didn't blame him, though in the end, he says to her, "Go to hell." Damon is described as extremely relentless. He never takes danger too seriously and possesses a dark sense of humor, as well as very little regard for human life unlike his brother Stefan.

This is shown by the fact that Damon's Ferrari has a police scanner inside and that he calls Matt either MUTT (Mortally, Unable, To, Talk) or MAT (Mortal Annoying Thing) until he then relaized that Matt spelled his name with two t's, so he just called him Mutt. He has deep feelings for Elena, as they have established a connection, especially in The Fury that fails to be understood by others. He and his brother don't get allong well and Damon says he will kill Stefan.

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