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Big Time RushBig Time Rush (commonly abbreviated as BTR) is an American television music-themed teen sitcom based on the band of the same name.  The series chronicles four high school friends from Minnesota — Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt), James Diamond (James Maslow), Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena, Jr.) and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson) — whose lives are changed when they move to Los Angeles and become a hit-making, chart-topping boy band.

The series became the second highest-rated Nickelodeon sitcom after less than a month on the air — behind iCarly by 600,000 viewers — and attracts an average of more than three million viewers per episode debut.

The show was created by showrunner and executive producer, Scott Fellows, for Nickelodeon, who also created the former Nickelodeon sitcom Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.  The show incorporates original music created for the show/band, due to a partnership between Nickelodeon and Sony Music to produce the series.  This is the second Nickelodeon series featuring a boy band, after The Naked Brothers Band.

The hour-long pilot episode, "Big Time Audition", aired as a "sneak preview" on November 28, 2009, but the regular series debuted January 18, 2010 at 8:30 pm ET with the episode "Big Time School of Rocque", to 6.8 million viewers.

The series soon became the number-one live-action series on Nickelodeon, according to BigTimeRushTV.com.

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