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Ronan ParkeRonan David Parke (born 8 August 1998) is an British singer from Poringland, Norfolk, United Kingdom who came runner-up in the fifth series of ITV show Britain's Got Talent, despite being the bookies' favorite to win. After the show, it was reported that Parke had signed a joint record deal with Sony Music. He released his debut album Ronan Parke on the 24 October 2011.

Ronan Parke was born to Maggie and Trevor Parke in Poringland, a village in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. He has an older brother Declan, who is 15 years old. His family are close to the family of Norwich City player Bryan Gunn, whose daughter helped Parke put in his application form for Britain's Got Talent. Parke had been taking singing lessons in his home town before getting the confidence to apply for the show.

Parke currently attends Framingham Earl High School.

Parke auditioned for Britain's Got Talent in London in front of judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and Louis Walsh (who was filling in for David Hasselhoff.) He performed "Feeling Good" and before the song finished, the entire 2500-strong audience and three judges gave Parke a standing ovation. He received rave reviews after his performance and received three "yes" votes and was through to the next round, with Walsh declaring that Parke "is the one to beat". Following the airing of his audition on the third auditions show on 30 April 2011, Parke quickly became the bookies favorite to win the show. Parke was then shown being put through to the semi-finals a few weeks later.

Parke performed for a second time during the semi-final on 30 May 2011, performing "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan. After his performance, he received praise from all four judges David Hasselhoff (who was not present at Parke's audition), McIntyre, Holden and Simon Cowell, who was only judging the live finals. Parke received the highest public vote of the night and was automatically sent through to the final.

In the final on 4 June, Parke performed "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson and received a standing ovation from the audience and judges, and the judges once again gave him praise for his powerful rendition of the song. Walsh, who was in the audience for the final, was referred to by Cowell and also praised Parke saying “He’s made the hairs stand on the back of my neck.”. However, Parke lost to eventual winner Jai McDowall by a margin of 2.6% of the vote.

There was an allegation that Simon Cowell had been "grooming" Parke for two years before he auditioned on the show, but Cowell and Parke both denied having had any prior contact. Cowell said on the semi-final edition, aired 3 June 2011: "There have been allegations made ... on the internet, that Ronan Parke has a previous recording contract with my record label, that I'd met him before, both of which are complete and utter lies. The first time I met Ronan was when he appeared on the show, he entered it of his own accord. He is 12 years old, this is a deliberate smear campaign and it is my job as somebody who works on this show to make sure whoever this liar is, is exposed, and Ronan is treated the same way as everyone else and it will be the public who decides." Cowell had called in the police to assist him in locating the source of the story, who claimed to be from within Sony Music UK. The police investigation was later abandoned, with a spokesman for Scotland Yard implying that the allegation may have been a publicity stunt to boost the show's ratings.

In July 2011, the man responsible for the allegation apologized and revealed that he had fabricated his entire claim. He was cautioned by police following the matter, and was asked to apologise to Cowell. The matter was not going to be taken any further.

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