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Marianas TrenchMarianas Trench is a Canadian pop punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia. They are signed to 604 Records. The band released their first full length album Fix Me on October 6, 2006. Some of the demos the band sent out four years before appear on the album. They have been nominated for a Juno award.

The band released their second studio album on February 24, 2009 entitled Masterpiece Theatre. Canadian producer/engineer/mixer Mike Fraser (AC/DC/Franz Ferdinand/Aerosmith) mixed 6 tracks off Masterpiece Theatre including "All to Myself" and "Sing Sing".

Lead singer and lyricist Josh Ramsay grew up in a musical family, with his Mom being a singing teacher and his Dad owning a recording studio. Ramsay also shared the love of music and started a solo career at the age of 14. He later needed a supporting band and managed to recruit high school friend Matt Webb and local musicians Morgan Hempsted and Steve Marshall. Josh Ramsay attended highschool at Magee Secondary School. Together they formed a band named Ramsay Fiction.

After disbanding Ramsay Fiction, Ramsay and Webb searched for new bandmates. Ramsay found drummer Ian Casselman's wanted ad in the Georgia Straight. Through Casselman, they found Mike Ayley as bassist. Casselman and Ayley had previously played in a band together. The foursome chose the name Marianas Trench for their band. After much perseverance they were signed under 604 Records, owned by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and Jonathan Simkin.

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Marianas Trench Screensaver
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Marianas Trench Screen saver
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