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Aiden GrimshawAiden Grimshaw, 18, is a student from North Shore, Blackpool.  He attends the Michael Hall Theatre School.  before X Factor he played Tom Holmes in an episode of CBBC show Half Moon Investigations.  He auditioned with "Gold Digger", prompting Cowell to say "Now that's what I call a pop star!".  He then auditioned with "This Year's Love" during Bootcamp, and "Cannonball" at Judge's Houses.   Dannii Minogue selected Grimshaw as one of her three contestants to continue in the competition for the live shows.  For the first live show he sang "Mad World", which the judges praised.  in the second live show he sang "Jealous Guy" which he received negative comments saying he was quite shaky.  

In the third live show he sang "Diamonds Are Forever".  Which was praised by the judges.  In live show 4 he sang a slower rendition of Michael Jacksons "Thriller", the judges criticised him for being too intense and that the arrangement of the song was too slow.  Grimshaw sang "Nothing Compares 2 U" In week 5 which all four judges praised him for, with Louis Walsh calling him a raw talent and a very current male popstar.  In week 6, Grimshaw sang "Rocket Man" and was in the bottom two for the first time, with Katie Waissel.  Grimshaw was saved by Minogue and Walsh, leaving the votes deadlocked.  Grimshaw received the fewest votes from the public and was then eliminated.


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