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Scouting For GirlsScouting for Girls are a three piece English pop group. Their name is a play on the title of the 1908 Scouting handbook Scouting for Boys.


The trio consists of childhood friends from London, Roy Stride on piano and lead guitar/vocals, Greg Churchouse on bass guitar and Peter Ellard on percussion. Having formed in 2005, they signed to Epic Records in 2007. They released their self titled debut album that September, which reached Number 1 on the UK Album Chart and went triple Platinum in terms of total sales. A second album Everybody Wants To Be On TV was released in April 2010 and peaked at number 2 in the charts. This was preceded by the single ‘This aint a Love Song’ which went to No.1 in the UK singles chart for two weeks. To date Scouting for Girls have sold over 2 million records, been nominated for four Brit awards, and one Ivor Novello award. They are gearing up to release their third studio album, The Light Between Us

The founding members had known each other since childhood. Stride and Ellard met in the Cub Scouts and Churchouse met Stride on their first day at school at Queensmead School in South Ruislip, Middlesex (Northwest London). They attended the school until year 13 then moved on towards a music career. At the age of 15 Roy and Greg were playing together at small gigs in west London.

It has been noted that the band was looking for a spirited way of removing themselves from the drudgery of their everyday lives, looking to the whimsy of childhood fantasy through playing a moog organ. Churchouse has observed on several occasions that playing bass is something he wanted to pursue as the bass has "two less strings".

Scouting for Girls were nominated for three BRIT Awards in 2009 for British Breakthrough Act, British Live Act and British Single ("Heartbeat"). They were nominated again in 2011 for Best British Single with 'This Ain't A Love Song'.
Scouting for Girls were also nominated in the Best New Act category in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008
Scouting for Girls have been nominated for the Ivor Novello 2011 PRS FOR MUSIC MOST PERFORMED WORK award for:
This Ain't A Love Song Writer: Roy Stride Performed By: Scouting for Girls UK Publisher: EMI Music Publishing

Before the band were signed to Epic Records, they ran their own fanclub, The Wolfcub Club through their MySpace site. The name was a wordplay similar to the band's name, being based on the Dennis the Menace fan club.

Members of the fanclub were called Wolfcubs, and received a welcome pack put together by the band which include a CD of recent demos, a membership card which allowed discounted entry to their gigs, a regular SFG newsletter (similar to the famous Scouting For Boys guide book), and badges. When the band signed their record deal, they carried on producing the membership packs for new fans on the road, until the demand became too high to deal with. However, the Wolfcubs still exist in reference to the band's fans.

Scouting for Girls used regularly remark on the Wolfcubs as the "fourth member" of the band. As of 2010 current touring member Jamie O'Gorman is referred to as the fourth member and the Wolfcubs are now known as the fifth member of the band.

Free Scouting For Girls Screensaver
Free Scouting 4 Girls Screensaver
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Scouting For Girls Screensaver
Scouting 4 Girls Screensaver
Scouting Screensaver
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Free Scouting For Girls Screen saver
Free Scouting 4 Girls Screen saver
Free Scouting Screen saver
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Scouting For Girls Screen saver
Scouting 4 Girls Screen saver
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