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Agent VinodAgent Vinod is a is a 2012 Indian Suspense/Thriller film directed by Sriram Raghavan.


The movie borrows it's name from the 1977 film of the same name and is produced by Saif Ali Khan and Dinesh Vijan. The movie stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in leading roles and also features Prem Chopra, Ram Kapoor, Anshuman Singh, Shahbaz Khan, Gulshan Grover and Maryam Zakaria in supporting roles.

Somewhere in the Dasht-E-Margoh desert in remote Afghanistan, inside a fortified Taliban camp, an ISI official, Col.Huzefa (Shahbaz Khan), is interrogating a captured man (Saif Ali Khan) suspected to be an Indian agent. The man calling himself 'Mahendra Sandhu' offers up details about RAW's operations in Afghanistan in exchange for safe passage across the border. He betrays his colleague, Major Rajan (Ravi Kissen) of the Bihar Regiment, who has also infiltrated the camp posing as an electrician from Quetta. This is only a ruse, as both overpower their captors and fight their way out of the camp. Along the way, they also rescue a girl called Farah (Maryam Zakaria). The man, as it turns out, is actually a RAW agent and his nom-de-guerre is Agent Vinod.

Meanwhile in Russia, a mafia don called Andrei Sukharov, who has obtained a miniature nuclear device, is summarily executed in an deserted cemetery by a group led by a beautiful Russian girl. The nuclear device is stolen and put up for sale. A hasty teleconference is arranged among prominent international businessmen, who are apparently concerned that the device may be misused. An Indian tycoon, Sir Jagadishwar Metla (Dhritiman Chaterji), offers to handle the situation.

Abu Nazer (Ram Kapoor), an Indo-Russian mobster and money-launderer for the Lashkar-e-Toiba, meets a ISI official code-named 'Colonel' (Adil Hussain) on the Trans-Siberian Express. One of Abu Nazer's bodyguards is actually Major Rajan, who is listening into their conversation. They discuss a future operation in India, for which Abu Nazer is to send $50 Million to Morocco to purchase '242'. Before he can find out more, Rajan is discovered. He jumps off the train and escapes.

In New Delhi, Agent Vinod, back from Afghanistan, enters RAW headquarters to meet his boss Hassan Nawaz. Nawaz shows him Major Rajan's final message from Russia. Just as he completes his message, Rajan is killed by a man who has a scorpion tattoo on his forearm. Nawaz asks Vinod to find out what '242' actually is.

Vinod travels to Moscow, and enters a nightclub owned by Abu Nazer. He manages to capture and interrogate Nazer, who tells him a man called Freddie Khambatta is to smuggle the $50 million to Morocco. Vinod is almost captured by Nazer's men, but he manages to escape, killing Nazer in the process.

Vinod boards a flight to Marakkesh, Morocco. Freddie Khambatta, the man who is smuggling the $50 million on board, is the flight steward. Vinod seduces him and picks him up from the airport, only to steal the money and assume his place. As Freddie, Vinod meets local mafia boss David Kazan (Prem Chopra), who we learn, has just put down his favorite camel. Kazan is accompanied by his personal Pakistani Doctor, the beautiful Ruby Mendes (Kareena Kapoor). Kazan suspects Vinod, and gets Ruby to administer him a truth serum. Vinod blurts out that he is a RAW agent and killed Abu Nazer. Kazan confronts Vinod when he regains consciousness, but Vinod manages to convince him he is Freddie Khambatta, and explains he had to kill Abu Nazer to protect the mission.

Free Agent Vinod Screensaver
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Agent Vinod Screensaver
Agent Vinod Bollywood Screensaver
Bollywood Agent Vinod Screensaver
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Kareena Kapoor Screensaver
Free Agent Vinod Screen saver
Free Agent Vinod Bollywood Screen saver
Free Bollywood Agent Vinod Screen saver
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Free Kareena Kapoor Screen saver
Agent Vinod Screen saver
Agent Vinod Bollywood Screen saver
Bollywood Agent Vinod Screen saver
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