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Bel AmiBel Ami is an upcoming film starring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman. The film is directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod and is based on the 1885 French novel of the same name by Guy de Maupassant. It will be released throughout Europe between February and March 2012, with a US date to be determined.

Hagen Bogdanski will direct the principal photography which began in early February, 2010 in London and Budapest. Simon Fuller who helped fund the film also served as an executive producer.

The film stars Robert Pattinson as Georges Duroy. Pattinson describes Duroy as being "completely amoral". Uma Thurman as Madeleine Forestier, Duroy's secret love interest, Kristin Scott Thomas as Madame Walter, another love interest of Duroy. Christina Ricci will star as Clotilde de Marelle, Holliday Grainger as Suzanne Walter, Philip Glenister as Charles Forestier, Colm Meaney as Rousset, and Natalia Tena as Rachel.

Free Bel Ami Screensaver
Free BelAmi Screensaver
Free Georges Duroy Screensaver
Free Robert Pattinson Screensaver
Free Uma Thurman Screensaver
Free Christina Ricci Screensaver
Bel Ami Screensaver
BelAmi Screensaver
Georges Duroy Screensaver
Robert Pattinson Screensaver
Uma Thurman Screensaver
Christina Ricci Screensaver
Free Bel Ami Screen saver
Free BelAmi Screen saver
Free Georges Duroy Screen saver
Free Robert Pattinson Screen saver
Free Uma Thurman Screen saver
Free Christina Ricci Screen saver
Bel Ami Screen saver
BelAmi Screen saver
Georges Duroy Screen saver
Robert Pattinson Screen saver
Uma Thurman Screen saver
Christina Ricci Screen saver


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