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World Of TanksWorld of Tanks is a multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming.net featuring mid-20th century era fighting vehicles.


It is built upon a freemium business model where participants have the option of paying a small fee to advance at an accelerated rate. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling a tank or armored vehicle.

The game models the effects of both armor and cover and include more than 140 armored vehicles from the Soviet Union, Germany, France, and the United States. Britain and Japan have also been confirmed to be in development. A planned "Tree of Europe" has also been confirmed featuring Italian, Swedish and Polish tanks with Hungary and Romania possible. The vehicles have been carefully detailed with historical visual accuracy, but as this is not a tank simulator, certain parameters (e.g. reduced main gun characteristics-range and penetration physics have been simplified) and in-game controls are very user friendly for gameplay. Eventually, there will be around 500 vehicles available in the game. World of Tanks was released on April 12 2010 in Russia. One year later it was released for the People's Republic of China, later becoming available for the territories of Europe and North America.

World of Tanks is the first game of the Belarusian company Wargaming.net to be released under "Play 4 Free" model, which will see the game released for free with revenue generated from micropayments in the form of in game currency, which can then be used to convert free experience gained on acquiring Elite Status in a vehicle. To convert free experience a player is required to spend money to purchase the in game currency, "gold". Converting free experience into usable experience is not free of charge.

World of Tanks holds a Guinness World Record in the category of Most Players Online Simultaneously on one MMO Server, although its specific genre remains disputable. The record was registered on January 23 2011 when the number of players on the game’s Russian server totaled 91,311. This record was beaten by the European server on 13 April 2012 during the anniversary special weekend where all players could after entering a code be a Premium account holder for a day. Numbers of over 105,000 were recorded during this period.

On October 4th, 2012, the game reached 40 million subscribers, with record-breaking 500,000 concurrent players online on one server based in Russia.

According to the developers' account, the concept of the game came to their minds on December 29 or 30th, 2008. The game was officially announced by Wargaming.net studio on April 24, 2009. Developers claim that the game budget was the greatest ever in the game industry of CIS, but there has been no independent proof of this claim.

Alpha testing of the Russian version of the game began September 2009, with only six different vehicles (Su-85,BT-7,T-34,Pz IV,Hummel,Tiger) and one half-baked map available. By the beginning of the closed beta test, which started on January 30 2010, several dozen vehicles and three maps were completed. In three months, the number of beta tester requests approached 40,000, and over 400,000 tank battles took place.

Open beta test of the Russian version started June 24 2010; at that point, there were 7 maps available, along with over 60 Russian and German vehicles.

Closed beta test of English version of the game began on July 8, 2010.

The Russian version of the game was officially released on August 12, 2010; however, due to technical difficulties, the game servers went online on August 13.

According to Wargaming.net official press release, the number of World of Tanks users worldwide reached 700,000, including 500,000 users on Russian servers (350,000 active players), and 200,000 on Western servers (150,000 active players). The number of peak concurrent users exceeded 43,000 on Russian servers and 10,000 on Western servers. The average active gamer spent 3 hours 20 minutes playing the game every day; over 10,000,000 battles have been fought since September 2010.

By January 4 2011 World of Tanks had recorded more than one million registrations worldwide (Europe, Russia and the United States. This milestone was reached in less than a year since the launch of the closed beta in Russia.

On January 5 2011 there were 74,536 players simultaneously online on the Russian World of Tanks server, which, according to Wargaming.net, had become a world record amongst MMO games. The "Most players online simultaneously on one MMO server" world record was officially registered by Guinness World Records on January 23 2011 and constituted 91,311 players.

According to the game's official site, the Russian server hit the one million registration mark on January 18 2011.

The open beta of the English version of the game was launched on January 27, 2011; the official release was scheduled for April 12, 2011.

The World of Tanks pre-orders were scheduled to be available for the American and European clusters before the game release.

World of Tanks was released on April 12 2011 in Europe and North America.

On May 24 2011 total number of registrations for all three game servers reached 3,000,000 players (2,000,000 on Russian server and 1,000,000 on Europe and North America).

On November 18 2011 the public test of awaited version 0.7.0 was started. Two new maps are released based on the fjords of Norway and the swamps of Eastern Europe. New texture for tanks also introduced.

On January 16 2012 the Chinese "buy-only" premium tank, the Type 59, was removed from the in-game store. The announced reason was the very high usage of this tank in the game, which reduced the diversity of different tanks at the higher levels. Type 59 will still be presented in the game and used by the players who already bought it. It will be again available only through special events, periods which will be announced in advance. On February 2, 2012, a gold Type 59 tank was made available as a "buy-only" item on the Chinese server.

On September 27 2012 World Of Tanks has been updated to 8.0. This update has been one of World Of Tanks largest updates since the game started out in 2010 (well over 1.2GB), introducing the new physics update with an updated graphics engine along with new normal and premium tanks.

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