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Tyler LoughTyler Lough, born in 1986, in Ohio, is an American model, best known for gracing the page of Genre and Tetu magazines in 2007.

Lough is a college student majoring in business marketing and hopes to one day make a lot of money via the stock market. So the pursuit of wealth is definitely on his agenda. Nothing wrong with that.

In college, Lough excelled in basketball, armwrestling, and football and always dreamed of being a famous athlete. His career path changed however when a scout spotted him at a football match.

Soon after, Lough was signed by Major Models agency and had been booked by big brands such as Polo and Lacoste and was even featured on AllAmericanGuys.com. However, celebrity to a larger public arrived after he graced the covers of Genre and Tetu magazines.

There are lots of rumours as to whether Tyler is gay or straight.  The jury is still out, but if you listen to the Hot hunks wire, this hunky model is probably Gay!

Lough describes himself as an ambitious and goal oriented guy. He enjoys working out, staying fit and healthy and enjoying life to its fullest.

Enjoy this tantalising selection of photographs of Tyler in shorts and briefs.

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