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Candice AccolaCandice Accola (born May 13, 1987) is an American actress and singer, best known for her role as Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries.


Accola was born in Houston, Texas but she grew up in Edgewood, Florida and attended Lake Highland Preparatory School. Her father, Kevin, is a cardiothoracic surgeon and her mother, Carolyn, was formerly an environmental engineer before becoming a homemaker. Both her parents are active members of the local Republican political party. She has one younger brother.

Candice Accola is one of the many supporters of the It Gets Better Project, along with The Vampire Diaries co-stars Michael Trevino and Ian Somerhalder, the it gets better project is a project that has made it a goal to prevent suicide among LGBT youth, associated with The Trevor Project.

As an accomplished singer and songwriter since the age of 14, Candice Accola achieved success in her music career after being signed to a record deal at the age of 16. Candice Accola's music has garnered international success, and she continues to record and write her own music. Her debut album came out in December 2006 and got great success in Japan.

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