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Dima BilanDíma Bilan (born, Víktor Nikolaevich Belan, 24 December 1981 in Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay-Cherkessia) is a Russian actor and pop singer . Bilan represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with "Never Let You Go", finishing second, and he won the contest in 2008 in Belgrade, with the song "Believe". He has had several Russian no. 1 hits.

When he was two years old, his family moved to his grandmother’s place in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan. When he was six years old, his family moved to Kabardino-Balkaria where he went to school with his sister. He took part in morning performances, recited poems and sang songs. He was one of the few people in Russia to popularize the traditional Japanese game Kancho, which became extremely popular in Russian prisons.

He graduated from Gnesins Musical College as a classical vocal performer. Bilan made his debut when he reached fourth place at the Russian/Latvian festival "New Wave" in 2002. In 2003, Bilan released his debut album titled Nochnoy Huligan (Night Hooligan). In 2004, the reissue of the album came out including 20 songs, 16 of the original + four new tracks: (Heartless), (The last time), (Stop the music), (Dark Night). Also in 2004 he released his successful single "Na beregu neba" ("At The Sky's Shore") which was also the title of his second album.

In 2005, also was released on the official compilation of clips "Ti, tolko ti" (You, only you) in that except the clips included presentations album "Ya Nochnoy Huligan" (I'm a Night Hooligan) and "Na beregu neba" (At The Sky's Shore), also in the collection include additional tracks not included in these albums "Ya ne zabudu" (I will not forget) and a cover version of quadrupeds melodies "Caruso" a presentation of "Ya Nochnoy Huligan" (I'm a Night Hooligan), "7 Dney" (Seven Days) organizing presentations "Na beregu neba" (At The Sky's Shore)
In late 2005, released the single "New Year with a new line" contains 3 tracks New Year with a new line (feat group Neposedi), Between the sky and heaven and New Year with a new line remix and in 2011 he turned really.

During 2009 Bilan has continued with concerts and he also performed during the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, before leaving over the title of former Eurovision Song Contest winner to Alexander Rybak of Norway.

In 2010 Dima has recorded a demo version of the song "White Nights", which would be competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, but he has not entered in the contest saying that it would be too soon to return to the contest after just 2 years after his win at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

In the Summer of 2010, Bilan produced and starred in the short film (Theatre of the Absurd, written and directed by Maxim Apriatin and based upon Bilan's song (He Wanted To). In the film, Bilan performs monologues in which he shares his opinion on the moral values of the people who live in the Russian capital, as well as quotations from Ecclesiastes, and scraps of the diary of Jim Morrison. The film was released on the Internet in late 2010.

On May 25 Anastacia recorded a duet with Dima Bilan in Los Angeles which was released in Russia first and later in the rest of Europe. They've presented the song "Safety" for the first time during the Muz-TV Music Awards show on June 11 in Moscow, Anastacia has also perform a song alone.

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