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Spring FlowersAll species of Galanthus are perennial, herbaceous plants which grow from bulbs.


Each bulb generally produces just two or three linear leaves and an erect, leafless scape (flowering stalk), which bears at the top a pair of bract-like spathe valves joined by a papery membrane. From between them emerges a solitary, pendulous, bell-shaped white flower, held on a slender pedicel. The flower has no petals: it consists of six tepals, the outer three being larger and more convex than the inner series. The six anthers open by pores or short slits. The ovary is three-celled, ripening into a three-celled capsule. Each whitish seed has a small, fleshy tail (elaiosome) containing substances attractive to ants which distribute the seeds. The leaves die back a few weeks after the flowers have faded.

The inner flower segments are usually marked with a green, or greenish-yellow, bridge-shaped mark over the small "sinus" (notch) at the tip of each tepal.

An important feature which helps to distinguish between species (and to help to determine the parentage of hybrids) is their "vernation" (the arrangement of the emerging leaves relative to each other). This can be "applanate", "supervolute" or "explicative". In applanate vernation the two leaf blades are pressed flat to each other within the bud and as they emerge; explicative leaves are also pressed flat against each other, but the edges of the leaves are folded back or sometimes rolled; in supervolute plants one leaf is tightly clasped around the other within the bud and generally remains at the point where the leaves emerge from the soil.

It was suggested by Andreas Plaitakis and Roger Duvoisin in 1983 that the mysterious magical herb moly that appears in Homer's Odyssey is actually snowdrop. An active substance in snowdrop is called galantamine, which, as anticholinesterase, could have acted as an antidote to Circe's poisons. Galantamine (or galanthamine) can be helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, though it is not a cure; the substance also occurs naturally in daffodils and other narcissi.

Snowdrops contain also an active lectin or agglutinin named GNA for Galanthus nivalis agglutinin.

In 1995 Árpád Pusztai genetically modified potatoes with the GNA gene, which work he discussed on a radio interview in 1998 and published in the Lancet in 1999. In 1998 said in an interview on a World in Action programme that his group had observed damage to the intestines and immune systems of rats fed the genetically modified potatoes. He also said "If I had the choice I would certainly not eat it", and that "I find it's very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs". These remarks started the so-called Pusztai affair.

Free Flowers In Spring Screensaver
Free Spring Flowers Screensaver
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Flowers In Spring Screensaver
Spring Flowers Screensaver
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Free Flowers In Spring Screen saver
Free Spring Flowers Screen saver
Free Anemone ranunculoides Screen saver
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Flowers In Spring Screen saver
Spring Flowers Screen saver
Anemone ranunculoides Screen saver
Anemone nemorosa Screen saver
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Free Spring Flowers Wallpaper
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Flowers In Spring Wallpaper
Spring Flowers Wallpaper
Anemone ranunculoides Wallpaper
Anemone nemorosa Wallpaper
Bluet Wallpaper
Houstonia caerulea Wallpaper
Bloodroot Wallpaper
Chionodoxa Wallpaper
Dutch Crocus Wallpaper
Dewberry Wallpaper
Dog's Mercury Wallpaper
Early Star-of-Bethlehem Wallpaper
Eastern Redbud Wallpaper
Ghostflower Wallpaper
Harbringer of Spring Wallpaper
Erigenia bulbosa Wallpaper
Helianthemum apenninum Wallpaper
Hyacinth Wallpaper
Iris Wallpaper
Lasthenia conjugens Wallpaper
Lesser celandine Wallpaper
Luzula campestris Wallpaper
Puschkinia Wallpaper
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Scilla Wallpaper
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