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Your Own Screensaver is where you can find the most up to date screensavers on the World Wide Web today.


Our Screensavers utilise both RSS and XML technology which makes them completely unique and dynamic. This means that if you download a screensaver of your favourite soccer team and they buy a new player then old player images will be replaced with new player images whenever we do an update.

Our revolutionary integrated RSS Feed also allows you to be kept up to date with news and updates of your favourite soccer team, celebrity, music band etc.

We can also custom build screensavers of your choosing for only £9.99 / €11.60 / $16.50.

The custom build allows you to upload your own photos - this could be from a party, wedding or even of your favourite celebrity. You can choose any RSS feed and can add/delete pictures at any time.

You can distribute your screensaver to ALL of your friends completely free of charge.



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